Get a real job

My Dad

My Dad

My Dad use to say ” Son when are you going to get a real job & settle down!”

My Dads  a great guy, was an army man. Back then they did long tours of duty. He knew what it was like to be miles away from home on the other side of the world, away from His loved ones.

In my late teens I too started to move through Europe. No guns or peace keeping missions for me though. I was mixing bands, & I loved it! It was hard work long hours not much sleep always on the move. Living out of a suit case in cheap hotels is not the glamour’s life style that the media paints it out to be.The Health & Safety Executive was a mere dream in the distant future & computers were not portable in anyway shape or form.  GPO patch bays on the end of my Soundcraft desk, Fx racks for days. Plugins that’s what you did to make a brew for everyone. (Luxury to have a brew kit supplied by the rental company.)

Back then there were more venues to play, & people liked to go out have drink & be entertained. No Sky TV to keep you rooted to the sofa.

So there I was on tour with The FatBack Band. A great Funk band from New York City. What a groove. Wicki Wacky, Spanish Hustle, Do the bus stop & I Found Lovin. The highlight for me was Hammersmith Odeon after we had done several venues up & down the up.  The tour was a one truck affair for lights & sound. We loaded into a venue in Kettering. I believe it was a large night club, not sure of its name. After a long day & sound checks all done & dusted I needed some fresh air. ( More like a bag of chips) after a little walk around I thought it was time to head be back to the venue but due the rips in my jeans and my trainers I did not meet the dress code for the gentlemen on the door.  I was very polite & so was he but he was not having it. ” Your not coming in here dressed like that Mate!” he said.  I asked him to fetch the tour manager but he did not want top do that. So I sat down on the step of the club and waited. This he did not like as I made the place look a untidy. He relented found his boss, I was let in but had to keep out of the way. Those shows were brilliant. A big learning curve & chance for me to move on up in my chosen career path.

Chris Bowater, a good friend of mine once said to me ” Dream your dreams Steve they will happen” I did, they have & still do!

Just last year my Dad was round for a cup of tea & a chat.  Just talking about this & that . When he said ” I always wanted you to follow me into the army, I thought it would have been good for you. It was always a disappointment to me that you didn’t . But I have to say Son, I am so proud of what you have achieved in your career over the years.”

There is no greater feeling than to be told by someone you love you make them proud. As I said my Dads a great guy I would even say a cool guy.  But as for getting a real job that never happened.

Music & mixing sound  is a thing I have always loved.  People paid me to do something I wanted to do.

I could never call what I did a real job, but it is my passion & my life.

So now I dream of writing & producing my songs in a studio. Ah…  Buts that’s another blog.