Slow down, you may miss the turning.


Why is it we are always on the move, why can’t we slow down. Maybe, dare I say it even stop for a while?

Life is short but if we roll through it at full speed we just may miss what we were looking for.

As a young man I was given the chance to go & help a band called Frontline. They came to my church to do some outreach. They needed someone to mix there sound. I had played guitar in a band but did not have any experience of what was needed to push faders and set up systems.  A 2k H & H electrics concert system was the pa with a 24 channel desk. It was massive!

I was the last of 3 children at home if I went away my Mum would be on her own. This was a fantastic opportunity for me. The band were heading over to Spain for a tour and wanted me to go. After a great deal of thought I made the decision to go. Life got even faster!

Two years later & I was not bad at mixing. I had chance meetings with other people in the sound industry one of which was Mick Sprat of Wigwam acoustics & life became faster still. I loved mixing. It did not matter who or what it was it all had to be treated with the same passion, skill & attention to detail. Smokey Joes Café, Princess Anne speaking at a conference, Kanye West or

Summer tour
Kanye West  2009

  Bob The Builder  were all treated the same. Plains, trains, boats & tour busses were now the order of the day. Trying to fit everything in and keep everyone happy.

Sometimes we are moving so fast we forget why we are doing what we are doing & why we started it in the first place.

My wife became seriously ill at the end of 2009. I had big decisions to make. I chose to stop touring, stay home & look after her. The next 2 years were so hard cooking, cleaning, washing. Everything you do to run a home, which I had took for granted & care for someone at the same time. Linda is a little better now, still has good & bad days which we share together. Life is a little slower now, which I thinks a good thing.

Life can be cruel & hard, & things we love sometimes get taken away. We need to make the most of what we have not losing sight of what & why we are doing it .

We must see everything that happens to us as a new opportunity.