Dreams come true but you’ve gotta dream!

I love been creative, working with different people on projects that I would never think of or dream up . Their are some people who bring out the best in me. The ideas flow , lyrics burst into life & melodies & arrangements seem to appear all around like manna from heaven. The tingle of excitement when you find a new chord that’s the perfect fit for the song. A string arrangement that takes a song to a new place. A vocal sang with such feeling it brings tears to your eyes. I love been creative.

I like to enjoy myself, laugh when I can, try things that I have never done before & share good times with my friends.

One thing I learnt over the years is that it does not matter who I am working with. Whether live or in the studio all these projects need to have my full attention & be treated with the same respect. Their creation, song or idea is something of great value

Just lately I have working with a few local artist, Maggie Hush, Keith Newby, Mike Duck & Rob Nicklas. I have really enjoyed the diversity of these artists. No one pushes me into these projects, bends my arm behind my back. Its my choice. I have free will & appreciate the trust these guys put in me to produce their songs. Thanks guys.

So next I am working on something rally close to my heart. My album. I really need to spend sometime sorting the art work etc.  Sometimes I think I need to slow down & take a little more time in the process of making the next move. I will not rush even though I can not wait for this long dreamt dream to come true. As one of my latest song says “Dreams come true but you’ve gotta dream! .IMG_20150814_173105