Back to Front  

So here we are in 2017, time relentlessly marching forward. One thing for sure is that you can not press the pause button on life. How many times have we wished we could hit rewind & start over.

I spent quite a few years at the back of events mixing sound or behind the scenes managing. Its been a part of my life that I have really enjoyed. I have some incredible memorise of places visited & sites seen. People met that have become life long friends.

QUO Silverston British Grand PrixOne event was the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It only took me 3 years to catch a formula one car at full speed in a picture. I was always fine at the back out of the way or hidden on the side of the stage. No one looking at me, all eyes on the artist. So its not been a problem to be in the studio producing music for myself & other artist. Dimed lights, microphones, guitars, keyboards & the odd client or cowriter. Life at the back has been just fine.

Since the release of Come in out of the rain I have been on a journey from back to front. Getting airplay on radio leads to playing live shows, in front of live people who tend to be looking straight at you. I have mixed to over 750,000 people in one show on a number of occasions & to be honest felt calm & in control. So12 people in a bar looking at me playing guitar & singing should have been a breeze. I can only say that I needed to take a spare shirt with me on those first gigs as the sweat drenched me. I would love to say it was from all the running round from our incredibly exciting stage show. Truth is we sit down to play & sing.

Now I have had some time to get used to the view from the front of the stage and I have to say its a great view. Engaging with people, seeing them smile and best of all, join in and sing along with you. Its easy to stay where you are but sometimes we need to move on to the next thing. Its heathy to be fearful. It keeps us in cheque makes us examine ourselves and push on. If I had not pushed through I would never had got to share the stage & play live with the legend that is Kasim Sulton.

Kasim Sulton gig PosterOne of my best moments playing & singing backing vocals with Kasim at Kardomah 94 last year.

What next, who knows? More live gigs for sure. More studio sessions with other artists & co writes. The new album is out.

First Kiss is available from Amazon Link: http://amzn.eu/iAD5Tzs   or you can get the CD direct from us here.First Kiss

G Mac has released the first single Sex on the Beach  G Mac (2)

Link: http://amzn.eu/dfYJxfm       or from Spotify or ITunes.

The studio has projects on the go with Rob Nicklas, Geoff Green, Gill McFarlane, EvansMacBarton & G Mac.

If You think McLind Studios can help you give us a shout. you never know.

May be its time for you to move from the back to the front.