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After many years touring the world as a sound engineer, Steve knew it was time to come back home and get the creative juices flowing again.
As teenager Steve was involved in a couple of music projects.
Playing guitar & writing songs was his passion but took a back seat as Steve started mixing sound for some bands
By 20 years of age he was mixing sound for bands through Europe.
Over the next 30 years He worked with some fantastic Artists. ArcadeFire, Kanye West, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Dionne Warwick, Sheila Ferguson, ELO Part2, Rick Astley & Art Garfunkel to name a few.
Theater productions, The Rocky Horror Show, Carrousel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers & Smokey Joes Café gave Steve an incredible verity of styles & genres to fuel his songwriting.come out of the rain red 3.1.1

Steve released his first album, “Come in out of the rain” in January 2016 The album was available to download world wide  on Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Dezzer, applemusic etc. The CD version was released in Febuary on McLind Records.

An instrumental chill out album. Lost Island & 3 Singles followed through the year. First Kiss

Nearly a year on & the new country album has just been released.  As before its available world wide.

“First Kiss” will be Steve’s 2nd country rock album. Telling stories through music. Walking back home to Caddo Lake drinking ice cold beer on the back porch. Tasting Loves First Kiss. Late night Love affairs, I Need You Now! Songs of hope, I Dream. Songs of loss were Time Flys. Songs of faith & freedom.

This link takes you to Amazon where you can download the album. via @AmazonUK

EvansMacBarton is an acoustic trio were Steve gets to play some of his songs.EvansMacBarton acoustic trio

Steve has also been working with local artists recording & producing material at McLind Studios.



  • Tony Beasty

    Some great sounds there Steve. Good luck with all your projects. Tony.

  • Geoff Howlett

    Interesting website Steve. Good to catch up on what you’ve been up to. Just listened to ‘Come in Out of the Rain’. Touches of John Lennon and Tom Petty. Great song.

  • I have known you since the time back when you started and you never cease to amaze me with your talent. I knew of you travelling the world and seeing great sites and all walks of life, well its paid divedands in bucket loads, good luck Steve you deserve it more than others, keep working hard.

  • Hey Steve, Good to see your music is taking you to new and creative frontiers. All the best with your recordings and projects.

  • Frank Woolrich

    Great to hear some good tunes and some good production. Thanks for sharing this site Steve